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Welcome to FairyTaleRomances, an Online Social Dating and Matchmaking service. While FairyTaleRomances utilizes the latest matchmaking technology to help our members find romance, we also provide our members with a fun site that is easy to use and easy to navigate. With the ease and convenience of being able to browse personal ads from the security and comfort of your own home, online Social Dating and Matchmaking Services are now becoming the mainstream way for meeting people that have the same interests and goals that you may be looking for. Put away your credit cards and your checkbook as we don't want any money from you like the paid sites require to survive. We just want you to find your "one and only" or just have fun making new friends. What we do ask from you however, is that if you do find our site fun and honest, then just spread the word about FairyTaleRomances to your friends that we are completely free and will never charge for anything!

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Three Tips for Online Dating Success
Mar 01, 2009

Three Tips for Online Dating Success
Jan 27, 2009

By Kim Lance, Associate Publisher of Online Dating Magazine Online Dating Magazineá

New to the online dating scene? Well, believe it or not, online dating can be just as competitive, if not more so, than traditional dating. Don’t let that discourage you, however. Many people have found a date, and often marriage, through online dating services. There are tips and strategies that can help you get your profile noticed over your competition. Here are three strategic steps you can take that can give your profile the look and feel it needs to attract the kind of people you would love to meet.

Tip 1: Pick the Perfect Profile Photo
Your photo is one of the most important factors that will attract people to your profile. First and foremost, make sure you have a recent picture. Sure that picture of you in the bikini while on college spring break back in 1995 may be cute, but when your date meets you expecting you to look like you did in college, your date will be disappointed. This can create mistrust and cause your date to feel upset and deceived. This is never a good thing when trying to start a relationship.

Also, pick a photo that will show off your best features. Make sure you are wearing a friendly smile, it will be much more inviting than a serious pose or, obviously, a frown. Always avoid photos where you are with another person, or,...more

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